Meeting House Square: Cantonese Lion Dancing

Sunday, 29 January from 12pm – 6pm

Meeting House Square, East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Cantonese Lion dance (舞獅) originated in Guangdong. The lion has a single horn and is associated with the legend of a mythical monster called Nian. Its head is traditionally constructed using papier-mâché over a bamboo frame covered with gauze, then painted and decorated with fur. The lion dance is performed by mimicking a lion’s movements to bring good luck and fortune. It is normally operated by two dancers, one of whom manipulates the head while the other forms the rear end of the lion. Cantonese lion dance fundamental movements can be found in Chinese martial arts, and it is commonly performed to a vigorous drum beat.

The performers at this event are from Flower City Dragon and Lion Dance Association. 

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Family Friendly Event:

All ages



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