Meeting House Square: K-Pop Dance Tutorial with Sodem Solana

Sunday, 29 January from 5pm 

Meeting House Square, East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Join world K-Pop champion, Sodem Solana to learn some fierce moves for Year of the Rabbit!

Taking the world by storm, K-Pop or Korean popular music, includes many different musical elements and genres under its umbrella. Along with Korean pop, it can also include Korean rock music, hip hop, and electronic music. The K-Pop we know and love today originated in the 1990’s but its roots go back as early as the 1950’s. Bands such as Blackpink and BTS are just two of Korea’s many bands that have shot to international success. Do you remember Psy’s Gangnam Style from 2012? This K-Pop anthem quite literally broke the internet when it exceeded YouTube’s view limit, prompting the site to upgrade its counter. 

Sodem Solana, Dublin native and winner of the Grand Prize at the 2019 K-Pop World Festival in Changwon, South Korea is the leader of the Savage Family Dance Crew. Performing in front of over 30,000 in 2019 and beating over 6,400 other contestants from around the world, Sodem’s win was an incredible achievement. Join in the fun at Meeting House Square this Lunar New Year and follow Sodem and his crew members with a variety of dance tutorials. 

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Family Friendly Event:

All ages



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