Meeting House Square: Samul Nori Percussionists

Sunday, 29 January from 12pm – 6pm

Meeting House Square, East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Samul nori (사물놀이) is a genre of percussion music that originated in Korea. The word samul means “four objects”, while nori means “play”. Samul nori is performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments called pungmul. These are Kkwaenggwari (꽹과리), a small gong; Jing (징), a larger gong; Janggu (장구), an hourglass-shaped drum; and Buk (북), a barrel drum similar to the bass drum. Samul nori’s roots are in Pungmul nori (풍물놀이), meaning “playing Korean traditional percussion instruments”, which is a Korean folk genre comprising music, acrobatics, folk dance, and rituals. Samul nori was traditionally performed in rice-farming villages in order to ensure and to celebrate good harvests. Until modern times, nine-tenths of Korea’s people were employed in agricultural work, and this genre defined Korean music.

The performers at this event are staff and students from Korean School Dublin.

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