Chinese Dance Drama

Saturday 21 January to Saturday 29 January


Introduction of Liangzhu: “Liangzhu” is the light of Chinese civilization and the holy land of Oriental civilization. Ancient Liangzhu people worked in the Qiantang River Basin and Taihu Lake Basin and created brilliant material and spiritual civilization about 4,300-5,300 years ago. The Dance Collection Liangzhu takes the dissemination of “the Origin of Chinese Civilization” as the vision. A series of images, such as Grain, Water Conservancy, Jade Cong, Black Pottery, Cornerstone and Pictographic Symbols are used throughout the whole performance through artistic means such as body language of dancing, and modern multimedia and digital techniques. The segmental structure allows the audience to understand and experience Liangzhu culture.

Presented by the Chinese Embassy in Ireland. 



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