Sigh Gone

9 – 14 February


Without the guide of her “lost love”, Thuy is on the verge of death by boredom. Having no agenda, she finds odd ways to entertain herself in the bustling city of Saigon, Vietnam.

Written and Directed by Jeannie Nguyen.

Speaking to Dublin Chinese Lunar New Year about her film, Nguyen said, “Sigh Gone stemmed from a personal experience that I’m sure many people have felt—the tragedy of losing one’s phone. I remember my hand aching when jotting down directions on scratch paper—should I write the directions coming back or am I capable of backtracking? And if I were to get lost? Should I just stay home? The sheer patheticness of my reliance on a device gave me the idea for this story. Perhaps as a way to cope with the loss of humanity. RIP.”

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