Suzuki Method of Acting and Tai Chi Chuan workshop

Friday, 27 January from 7pm until 9pm

The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1

In this workshop, we will introduce you to combining a method of self-care, and creative theatre expression. Chi Kung is one of the oldest methods of a holistic and energetic self care practice. Here, you will be introduced to the way energy travels through the body, and how to cleanse, nourish and improve this energy flow within and around your body in a series of practices.

In 1976, Tadashi Suzuki a leading Japanese Theatre director, moved to Toga in Western Japan, 600km from Tokyo, There, to today, the Suzuki Method of Acting is practiced. In this second part of our workshop, you will be introduced to some of these methods, ways of thinking, where your relationship to your feet, breath, any way of spoken word, and the Earth are fundamentally transformed to reveal your very potential.

For booking, contact Michael McCabe at: by Tuesday 24th January next to reserve your unique opportunity to build and maintain personal energetic resources.



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