A Good Year to Found a Republic: The Year of the Ox, 1949

11 February at 18:00


The year 1949, when both Ireland and China established new republics, was a Year of the Ox, associated with strength and hard work. Projecting strength was a priority for China as it overthrew the shackles of foreign colonialism, at the same time as Ireland formally disengaged from its former colonial ruler. Building a strong economy would take time and hard work, as China launched a period of state capitalism while capitalists fled from the mainland to Hong Kong. At the same time, a programme to spread literacy and national unity through simplifying and standardising Chinese fundamentally changed the language. This special panel event from the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies explores these three facets of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Dr Isabella Jackson: “The Chinese people have stood up!” Anti-imperialism and the founding of the People’s Republic.

Dr Peter Hamilton: A Strong Economy for a Strong Nation: Early State Capitalism in the People’s Republic.

Dr Ning Jiang: New China, New Chinese language: standardising and simplifying Chinese in the new People’s Republic.

Professor Nathan Hill: Chair.

The link to this event will be made available to ticket-holders on Eventbrite on Thursday, 11 February at 17:00 (one hour before the event starts).


Free. Booking Required.

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