Global Health Diplomacy and North Korea: Ending the Quarantine of Humanitarianism in 2022

Friday, 28 January at 6pm


If states formulate their foreign policy based on national interest, when is humanitarianism towards people outside their jurisdiction justified? As captured in the phrase, ‘no one is safe until everyone is safe’, the COVID-19 era is the time to end the quarantine of humanitarian action from international politics. This talk explores how global health diplomacy, including the provision of COVID-19 vaccines for the vulnerable population in North Korea, would be in the enlightened self-interest of donor countries, as well as a global responsibility.

Dr. Dong Jin Kim

Dong Jin is Irish School of Ecumenics Senior Research Fellow in Peace and Reconciliation Studies, Trinity College Dublin. His research interests are in the area of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development cooperation, and comparative studies of peace processes. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace on the Korean Peninsula at the South Korean Government Ministry of Unification, and a policy advisor for the Korean humanitarian and peace NGOs; the Korean Sharing Movement (KSM), and Okedongmu Children in Korea (OKCK).


Free. Booking Required

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