Jialin Long: In Conversation

12 February at 18:00


Lens-based artist, Jialin Long, discusses her recent work with Tanya Kiang, Director of the Gallery of Photography. Jialin Long, originally from Beijing, was recently named in The Irish Times’ 50 people to watch in 2021: The best young talent in Ireland. Speaking about her recent work for the Creative Ireland and Dublin City Council Arts Office Diversity Arts Commission, Jialin says “when people talk about Chinese in Ireland, the first impression is takeaway or restaurant. I’d like to show people work in different communities and a diversity of professions. I want to challenge the stereotyping of the Chinese community in Ireland.”

This conversation, held as part of Dublin Chinese Lunar New Year, touches upon a variety of Long’s recent projects, such as:

The Leftover Women: women in China who have still not married at 27 years of age are commonly referred to as Sheng Nu (leftover women). Started in June 2019, this project reflects a social issue that every woman in China has to face in life. Many of them feel enormous pressure from society as a whole due to their single status. Although women have gained more opportunities and rights in education and careers, they often lose their chance of being a woman in a relationship.

Smurfs believe inequality: Driven by a questioning of why the “glass ceiling” or “bamboo ceiling” exists in a certain group’s professional career, Long carried out an analysis of male and female directors, as well as the ethnic groups of the board members, in the largest multinational corporations in Europe.

Yuri: Long’s short film, Yuri (pictured above), is the story of a young Asian woman’s experience upon moving to Ireland. It is based on the true stories of two separate women, one from China and one from Japan. Played by Yuri Kawa, the character questions the invisible inequality in our contemporary society. As part of the 2021 festival, we will also be showcasing Long’s short film,Yuri

Yuri will premiere here on Friday, 12 February at 09:00.

For those who missed the live event, a recording of the artist talk is available here on our YouTube channel. 

If you are based in Ireland, have an ethnic Chinese background and would like to have your photograph taken as part of Long’s current project, you can contact her at jialin.long@gmail.com.

Cover image: Jialin Long, Yuri, 2019.


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