Online Korean Language Class with Korean School Dublin (8-12 Years)

Sunday, 30 January at 12pm


호랑이해에 복 많이 받으세요! Join Korean School Dublin and teacher Mi Sun for an introductory Korean language class for Year of the Tiger. Made up of its own alphabet and writing system, Korean is spoken by almost 72 million people worldwide. This class, approximately 50 minutes in length, is designed for children aged 8-12 Years. Try something new thins Lunar New Year and grasp the basics of Korean language learning. 

Bookings for this event will go live on Friday, 14 January at 2pm. Once you have booked your ticket, the Zoom link will become available on Eventbrite 48 hours before the event – Friday, 28 January at 12pm.

Family Friendly Event:

8-12 Years


Free. Booking Required

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